Tackling a notorious waste problem in Africa’s largest informal community

A grassroots organization founded by two childhood friends is cleaning up Kibera — and fighting the Covid-19 pandemic at the same time

One of Kibra Green’s goals is to mitigate the environmental impacts of the lack of an official waste management system. Photo courtesy of Kibra Green
Childhood friends Yajub Jaffar and Alfy Ayoro founded Kibra Green in 2017 as a way to engage youth in cleaning up their community. Photo courtesy of Kibra Green
The grassroots organization Kibra Green aims to clean up the neighborhoods in Kibera by mobilizing young people. The risks of trash piling up in streets include typhoid and cholera, illnesses that arise from poor sanitation or contaminated water sources. Photo courtesy of Kibra Green
In addition to its usual work in Kibera, Kibra Green has responded to Covid-19 by partnering with UN-Habitat to help mitigate the spread of the virus. Photo courtesy of Kibra Green | The King’s Eye Photography
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